Richard's GlowCap® Experience:

Melissa, a happy GlowCap® user:

“My GlowCap® is great and I'm very happy with it!  It's a big help to me in remembering to take my medicine daily...I don't know how I lived without it before. It's a huge help to me. Sometimes just simply seeing the bottle cap helps me remember.”

“I am happy, remembering to take medication has always been an issue for me, never top of mind. With the GlowCap® top and night light I never forget and neither do my kids, who run through every day and tell me that the light is orange and the cap is playing its tune.”

“The GlowCap® is great. Installation was a snap...So far, we haven't needed the reminder phone call, the light has done the trick. Thanks again for all your help.”

Your GlowCap® Experience

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